Annual Feasts

Mater Christi Church celebrates the following annual feasts in the Church & Parish complex.

Sto Nino (January)
Mater Christi Feast Day (March)
Feast of Padre Pio (May)
Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (June)
Feast of Pio X (August)
St Teresa of Calcutta (September)
St Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila (September)
Feast of Maria SS di Tutte le Grazie (September)
Feast of San Ilarione (October)
Feast of San Teodoro (November)

Parish Committees
Parish Pastoral Council
Finance Council
Parish Social Committee
Church Cleaners
Money Counters

Parish Groups

Mater Christi Choir
Bingo Group
Charismatic Prayer Group
Living Rosary Group
Padre Pio Prayer Group
Cinema Club
Voice for Christ Choir
Youth Group