2ND Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
16th January  2022

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Christ came on earth to change people and to make
all things new. He came to change us just as he
changed water into wine. His presence among us is
an invitation to change our ways and a call
to a new manner of life. To change our lives
we need to turn to Christ and call on his help.

PRESENTATION OF THE LORD... Wednesday 2 February
8:15am & 7:00pm Masses. We celebrate Jesus’
presentation in the Temple. He is the light
of the nations and the glory of his people.
As we remember our call to bring light
into the world, let us glory in the presence of
God amongst us.

COVID VACCINATION... Arch Patrick O’Regan DD
has written to all Parishes strongly recommending that
ALL clergy, staff and Volunteers (Covid Marshals,
Holy Communion Ministers, Altar Servers, Readers,
Choirs etc) engaged with Pastoral related activities
need to ensure they are double vaccinated.
The Church’s position is clear both on a
global and national level that the
common good must prevail.
Therefore we require ALL Volunteers
to be vaccinated or stand down
from their role in the Parish.

WEEKLY BULLETIN NOTICES (including Mass Intentions)
for the Bulletin must be phoned in/handed
in to the Parish Secretary no later than
Wednesday of each week. Thank you.

November 2021—November 2022

Scalabrini sayings…
"Place God and the good of souls above
all things; the rest counts very little."

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM Parents who have children
wishing to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation,
Confirmation and Holy Communion are warmly
invited to enroll them now. Children’s sessions
will be held on Wednesday nights 6.30pm to 7.45pm.
Please direct all enquiries to Elena Moffa
on T. 0414 993 429 or E.

ADULT CONFIRMATION There is already a small group of people
wishing to prepare for Adult Confirmation if you would
like to join them, please contact Elena Moffa on T. 0414 993 429

2023 Synod The 16th Ordinary General Assembly
of the Synod of Bishops is a Roman Catholic
synod that will take place in 2021-2023
and has as its theme
"For a synodal Church: communion,
participation and mission.

At Mater Christi Masses are capped at 80 people.
Please bring your own face mask.

COVID MARSHALS... Our Covid Marshals are a dedicated team.
They are rostered on at Masses to ensure your safety
and the safety of your loved ones. Please listen to their instructions.
Sanitise on entry and exit to the Church. Checkin. Use QR Code.
Or enter your details on sheet provided.
If you are unwell please stay home.
We thank you for your cooperation.
THANK YOU to the Covid Marshals for keeping us safe.

RCIA ...BECOMING CATHOLIC... a journey in faith.
If you know someone who would like to become Catholic
or would like to deepen their Catholic knowledge,
please contact the RCIA Team of Mater Christi Parish.
Tom Jimenea on 0419895165
or email him at:

Wanna experience to pray the
Rosary in a creative and inspiring way?
Please join us as we start the group
called Rosary Guild.
If you are interested please call
Melissa Trevino... 0423 222 813 or
Noe Trevino... 0422 604 922

THE SOUTHERN CROSS NEWSPAPER features all the latest news
and information on our Catholic community
and is available for sale at parishes for $2, with $1 retained
as a fundraiser for parishes. Catholic school families in
SA are emailed the digital version of the newspaper each month.
Catholic school families in SA and email subscribers
are emailed twice a month with links to new stories
on the online version of the newspaper.
If you would like to receive an email link to the newspaper,
please fill out the registration form on the “Contact us” page.

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Mater Christi Parish (2nd Collection) 
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Mater Christi Parish Seaton

Fr Luigi
Fr Franco

There are a number of resources available to assist with daily prayer and reflection.
Please go to the Adelaide Archdiocese or the Office for Worship.

Family Liturgy

Let us pray for one another.     Prayers during this period