25TH  S U N D A Y  I N  O R D I N A R Y  T IME ( A )
20 SEPTEMBER 2 0 2 0

Thank you to the spring clean-up

Thank you to everyone who contributed to spring clean-up
in and around the Church last weekend.

The Church is now looking great – inside and out! After such a long winter,
the Church & the
grounds needed a good clean up.
A BIG thank you to all who pitched in and did such a great job.

Maria SS Di Tutte Le Grazie 10:30am & 12noon Masses
12noon Mass will be livestreamed and may be viewed
on the following link Maria SS Di Tutte Le Grazie Feast Mass at Noon

San Lorenzo Ruiz Feast (Filipino Community)… Mass at 3:00pm

CATHOLIC CHARITIES APPEAL...Collection will be Sunday 20/9/2020.
Please deposit your donation in the SPECIAL COLLECTIONS BOX

or donate online at
or via Catholic Charities Appeal, Reply Paid 912, Adelaide, SA 5001

COVID-19 UPDATES… As from 5/9/2020 Funerals & Weddings
are permitted 150 people.
Our Church can
accommodate 170 people
with social distancing regulations.
Please be attentive to the Covid Marshals and sit

in your designated seats. Thankyou.

The New Normal for Processions held on Feast Days
As the Main Gate on Grange Rd will be closed parking
is only available on entry from Airdrie Ave.


The Church grounds will have markers strategically placed on the ground
in the form of a sticker marked with
an X.
This is where devotees will pray the Rosary (without moving)
while the Statue itself will process around
the grounds.
The Statue will continue around until the Rosary has finished.

COVID Marshals will be strictly enforcing social distancing.
Please be attentive.

Unfortunately the Church can only accommodate 170 people.
For the overflow of people there will be the possibility of
listening to
the Mass outside over the PA System.

While we do not always like change, this change has been
put in place to protect all Parishioners

and families attending Church. We would respectfully ask
that you comply with any requests asked

of you by the COVID Marshal. THANK YOU!

Coming up…
Migrants & Refugee Sunday… Sunday 27 September
2:30pm Mass at the Cathedral

Visit for
Mass booking details.
St Hilarion… Sunday 25 October. 1:00pm
Procession & Mass will be televised by Channel 44.

Sunday Liturgy for Families... As a response to the COVID-19 situation
the Family & Parish-Based Catechesis Office has prepared liturgies
with a focus on children.
Families can use these at home to reflect on the Gospel each Sunday.

This can be found at this link on the Archdiocesan website: and-parish-based-catechesis/prayer-services

View Youth Ministry Resource Online...
Children's Ministry Update 2020... prepared by the Family and
Parish-Based Catechesis Office at the following link based-catechesis/newsletters
for Catechists within the parish.

Or for correspondence directly from CESA Office please
contact Elena Moffa or
Sr Jenny Seal

If you wish to support your Priests (1st Collection) or
Mater Christi Parish (2nd Collection) visit:

Click on “donate to a parish”
Click on drop-down box
Choose “Seaton” Click “submit”
Fill in your details on the form
Choose 1st Collection / 2nd Collection
Follow the prompts to the end

You can visit us on Facebook

Mater Christi Parish Seaton

Fr Roger

Fr Luigi
Fr Franco

There are a number of resources available to assist with daily prayer and reflection.
Please go to the Adelaide Archdiocese or the Office for Worship.

Family Liturgy

Let us pray for one another.     Prayers during this period