3rd Sunday of Easter
14th April 2024

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Lent is well and truly over.
We are deeply immersed in
the Easter season, celebrating Christ’s
victory over death. Yet today’s
readings focus on the necessity of
repentance, conversion and the avoidance of sin.

Mater Christi Parish Feast Day
 Sunday 5 May 2024
Triduum 1/5-3/5 @ 7:00pm
10:30am Procession with Rosary
11:00am Solemn Mass
Triduum Wednesday 1/5 to
Friday 3/5 at 7:00pm

Certificate of Pastoral Liturgy Unit
"The Word of God" series...

The Adelaide Archdiocese is providing
a formation experience on Scripture
and all are invited to attend.
The “Word of God” series
is presented by Dr Jenny O’Brien
over 5 Thursday evenings starting on
2 May in the Cathedral Hall,
39 Wakefield St Adelaide
with free parking available.
Cost is $50.
to register.

Marian Procession
The 75th Marian Procession
will be held on Sunday May 19 beginning
at Victoria Park and processing up
Wakefield Street into Victoria Square.
The Procession will commence at 2pm
and all are invited to attend with their
Parish or Community. Group assembly
will begin from 1:30pm. For more information
please contact Archdiocesan Events
on 8210 8220 or
Before Mass, please find a moment to write
your NAME on a name
tag available in the Church foyer.
This simple act is a bridge to welcoming smiles,
warm greetings and the joy of getting
to know one another better. Together,
let's make our Church not
just a place we visit, but a home
where every face has a name,
and every name tells a story
of faith and belonging.

For children in Year 3 or above.
If you would like your child to prepare
for the Sacraments of Reconciliation,
First Holy Communion and Confirmation
please collect an enrolment form from the
Church foyer or contact
Fr Thomas Maryo Tae at 0451 990 354
In 2024 the Sacraments of Confirmation
and First Holy Communion will be
celebrated in September.

RCIA ...BECOMING CATHOLIC... a journey in faith.
If you know someone who would like to become Catholic
or would like to deepen their Catholic knowledge,
please contact the RCIA Team of Mater Christi Parish.
Tom Jimenea on 0419895165
or email him at:

THE SOUTHERN CROSS NEWSPAPER features all the latest news
and information on our Catholic community
and is available for sale at parishes for $2, with $1 retained
as a fundraiser for parishes.

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Mater Christi Parish (2nd Collection) 
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Mater Christi Parish Seaton
Fr Franco

There are a number of resources available to assist with daily prayer and reflection.
Please go to the Adelaide Archdiocese or the Office for Worship.

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