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SEAFARERS SUNDAY—Apostleship of the sea—Stella Maris


PLANNED GIVING PROGRAMME... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT… The Scalabrinian Fathers and the Finance Council wish to thank all Parishioners, the new givers and, above all, the established givers, who, over the years, have made possible the growth
of Mater Christi community. This is an opportunity to say THANK YOU also to the BANKER, RECORDER, MONEY COUNTERS and Money Collectors.

SAN PADRE PIO GROUP… Due to advancing age and health issues the members of the Social Committee of San Padre Pio Group in Mater Christi have decided to resign while still continuing the Prayer group. The Social Committee is responsible for the organisation of the following—MAY: Holy Eucharist, Procession & Luncheon, AUGUST: Holy Eucharist, Luncheon, DECEMBER: Holy Eucharist. We are now seeking devotees of San Padre Pio to be part of the San Padre Pio Social Committee so that we can continue the activities above. If you are interested to help please call Fr Roger on 0418 295 957 . Thanks

There will be no GO LIGHT YOUR WORLD MASS on Wed 17 July.

Would you like to be part of the Welcomer/tea/coffee team and meet more Parishioners? Please give your name and phone number to any of the Welcomers manning the coffee trolley. There are some Volunteers who are already participating but if you have some spare time to lend a helping hand it would be very much appreciated.

APOSTLESHIP OF THE SEA—SEAFARERS’ SUNDAY TODAY. There will be a SPECIAL COLLECTION at the end of all Masses in support of all those whose life experience is on the ocean—an experience so unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. The Church recognises and supports seafarers and their families.

ATTENTION ALL VARIOUS GROUPS & PARISHIONERS OF MATER CHRIST PARISH who use the Scalabrini & MacKillop Rooms for various activities… It has come to our attention that sometimes Groups forget to clean up, reassemble tables & chairs, get rid of rubbish, ensure doors/windows are secure & lights, air conditioners etc are switched off. It is imperative that each Group leave the Rooms in a tidy and secure environment. THANK YOU

Prayer to Mary… Blessed Mary, Mother of Christ, watch over our community of Mater Christi Parish. May you guide us and keep us safe under the protection of your mantle. Mary, our Mother, with your guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, may we be inspired by your selfless love and may we be united as a community. Amen



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